The Quest Mastermind

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Dream Big. Think Big. Work Hard. Win Big. 

Joining The Quest Mastermind is the Fastest and Most Effective way to take your Life to the Next Level. If you've Ever Felt 'Stuck' in Business, Fitness, Leadership, or Goal Achievement, the Quest Mastermind will help you Blast Through your Sticking Points and Achieve your Life Goals.

What Can The Quest Mastermind Do For You?


Keep Your Focus Through Accountibility

'Acountability is the Glue That Ties Commitment to the Result'

Weekly Progress Meetings with your Mastermind Team to keep you focused.

One-on-one Coaching Calls with Mark All Mastermind Members Receive monthly coaching calls to keep you on point. 

Positive Pressure Lack of accountability is the #1 reason people fail at their goals. Being required to report to the Mastermind on a weekly basis is an effective form of positive peer-pressure.


A Wealth of Diverse Expertise 

'Scientia Potentia Est' (Knowledge is Power)

Harness the Power of the 'Hive Mind' When you have multiple minds brainstorming to help you achieve, anything is possible!

Cultivate Ideas at a Higher Level Bounce your ideas off of your teammates and use their feedback to be your catalyst to get started.

Porch Cigars Can Change the World Dream Connections came into being with Mark & his friend Rick Butts sitting on the porch smoking cigars. With the Mastermind, you'll have 30 guys on your 'virtual porch'.


A Powerhouse of Experts at Your Fingertips

'Everyone You'll Ever Meet Knows Something You Don't'

Expand Your Sphere Make new contacts with men who have similar aspirations and drive.

A Team in Your Corner Every Mastermind Member is devoted to each other's growth and will have your back when you need it.

Great Minds Attract Like-Minded Individuals People come together from all walks of life in the Mastermind -- Members will be exposed to men who are experts in all kinds of different fields.


Twelve Reasons To Join the Quest Mastermind

Whether your goal is to get ahead at work, start, or improve your business, get your health under control, or improve your relationships, the Quest Mastermind is here to help. These are some of the topics we'll cover during the course of the 12 week Mastermind. (Not in chronological order)


Goal Setting for an Awesome Life


Military Discipline for Civilian Success - Edgar Hatcher


Total Fitness Breakthrough - Coach Rob Robertson


The Confidence Code with Xanthius (Zan the Man) Smith


Branding Your Message to the World - Leonardo Habegger


Psychology of Great Men - Jose Gonzales PhD


The Life of Meaning and Purpose - Mark Edward Davis


Releasing Your Inner Warriors - Las Vegas Weekend - Mark Edward Davis


World Economics from a PhD Globe Trotter - Michael Kaplan PhD


How Millionaires View Business - Ron McCormack


Body Hacks for Fitness and Energy - Dr. Walter Morris


No More Mr. Nice Guy - Dr. Robert Glover

You'll Also Learn:

  • What you SHOULD expect from a woman in your life
  • Why you probably need to re-parent yourself
  • 7 Attributes of a Vibrant Romantic Relationship
  • How to remove the toxic need to please everyone else before yourself
  • Leveraging the Power of your emotions instead of allowing them to control you
  • How to live each day richly satisfied  

And much, much more!

Keys To The Quest Mastermind

(A.K.A. What You're Actually Getting...)

An Exclusive Seat - It's Not for Everyone

A Select Few Will Have a Seat at the Round Table

We're looking for a Rare Man. Quest Mastermind members MUST be motivated, passionate, and driven. This is NOT a place for the lazy -- you WILL be expected to contribute. You will be uncomfortable. We will push you out of your Comfort Zone.

...But that's EXACTLY what you're looking for, isn't it? 

Round Table
Mark coaching

Personal Attention

Attention from the Group, Attention From Mark

Each man in the Mastermind will have constant feedback and accountability through his individual 'Action Team', as well as multiple one-on-one coaching calls with Mark Edward Davis.

Additionally, throughout the whole Mastermind Experience, you'll feel that everyone 'has your back' and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed in your goal.


Mastermind in Vegas!

Mastermind Members receive a free ticket to a Two-Day Live Event in Las Vegas.  

Meet Mark and the rest of the Mastermind attendees in person and get help taking your goals across the finish line. This is where you take the work you’re doing in the Mastermind and make sure it sticks – Plus, attendees will receive advance training on leadership.

Las Vegas Strip

Apply Today!

Our Goal and Commitment to You 

It's a simple, but powerful mission: We want to help DOUBLE the amount of strong, masculine, self-actualized men in the world.

The world is in crisis. The amount of men without direction and drive is a travesty. If we can help men take full ownership of their lives, they will be better husbands, fathers, and leaders. And over time... We'll create a better nation, and better world.

It's an important mission, and it's one we're committed to because we sincerely believe it can change the world.

But we need your help.

Our goal with the Quest Mastermind is to bring together a select group of passionately motivated men who understand what's behind we do at Dream Connections, and whom can pool our drive, passion and invention to those who desperately need it.

So if you share in this vision...if the idea of taking the concept of the "Man of Action" to the other areas of your life, then apply today. We'd love to meet you.

We'll Show You How We Will Tailor The Quest Mastermind For Your Individual Progress. Just Give Us 15 Minutes.

Mark Edward Davis

Mark Edward Davis Lead Instructor

Chris Dwulet

Chris Dwulet Facilitator

Irina Tkachenko

Irina Tkachenko Facilitator

Andrew Brumana Facilitator

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Will I Know If I’m Accepted? Mark Davis will confirm your participation during your call with him.

Approved members will receive an acceptance email with the links for the 3-payments or 1-payment options.

Q: Will There Be a Waiting List? A: Yes. Once we reach capacity, there will be a waiting list for approved applicants.  

We acknowledge the need for this in men's lives and want to help as many as possible, but it is also a personal experience and too many participants reduce the effectiveness of the program.

Q: When Are the Training Sessions? The times for all calls will be announced, but they will typically be on Thursdays at 6pm, Pacific time.

The kickoff call will be on Sunday at 11am PST, January 13th, 2019.

Q: What are the Dates for the 'Warrior Weekend'? A: The Live Event Weekend will be March 1-3, 2019.  

It will be held in Las Vegas.  

We will be renting a suite at the Rio Hotel/Casino for the closed door meetings.  

Your travel and other expenses related to the live event are not included in the price for the Mastermind group.  

Q: What have Past Guys had to Say About Being in the Quest Mastermind? A: Here are some guys who wanted to send prospective Quest Mastermind guys a message about their experiences. See their videos linked below:

Timo Hanft & Clint Francis (2016)

5 Graduates Talk About Their Quest Mastermind Experience (2018)

John Buckley on the Quest Mastermind (2018)