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Five Graduates Talk About Their Experience in the Quest Mastermind!

Keith Tolbert from Trenton Michigan, graduate of 2018 Quest Mastermind.  

I learned how to be a better man; a superior man, and look forward to my future with my lady.  


This weekend's Mastermind was amazing and life transforming. It really helped me tap into and find more of what's inside me -- it's always been there (that I haven't been able to access on my own)  

[I was successful] because I did it together with Mark and a bunch of amazing men!  

You've got to come and do this! It will transform your life and you will find out where you're supposed to be going.  


If you're feeling alone, if you have no idea what to do in life and it's there's just like this broken-ness...  

This is the way where you can get healed; where you find a path, and you move forward and reset so make the investment -- emotionally, physically, everything.

Get here and make it happen for yourself!  


This experience (especially this weekend), brings together everything that we've done for the last few months.  

The concepts were brilliant, I learned so much, but by far the greatest experience is that I got to really bond with some amazing men and to feel that there's genuineness and authenticity between all of us, and that we all care for each other, is the greatest gift and it's worth every single penny to be able to feel that way.

Thank you.  


Thanks. Great weekend! [I've] learned a lot.  

[I've] been through seminars in the past, and this was the one seminar that helped me internalize the most.  

It helped me work on my heart and get out of my head more than any others.  

Just thank you for that!

Each of these guys took a chance on changing their lives for the better -- You can too; it only takes making that first step. 

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