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3 Keys to Success By Using the Power of the Mastermind

Have you ever read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill?  

It's a seminal work in the field of personal development and self-improvement.  

Hill traveled the world interviewing the top minds of his era - Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, and Charles Schwab, amongst others. Hill identified certain common traits that these men shared that, if you put these traits into action, virtually ensure success.  

One of the concepts Hill put forward was the idea of a Mastermind, back in 1925.  

A Mastermind is a group of people working and brainstorming to help each other succeed.  

Check out this video of Hill himself explaining the 3 Things that Ensure Success through the Power of the Mastermind:

About 5 years ago, I started the Quest Mastermind.  

It's a program where men from all walks of life, could identify an area they wanted to improve in their life, and for 12 weeks, the Mastermind would support him in attaining it.  

We've had countless guys go through the program, and there are guys from 2016 who STILL meeting!  

Timo and Clint are two of those guys.  

Check out what they had to say about what they got out of the Quest Mastermind:

Hey there, my name is Timo Hanft and I actually have joined Mark's Mastermind class in 2016 and it was the best decision ever for my business.  

Let me explain my situation for a bit:  

Yes, I did have many ideas, but it was difficult for me to focus on the result.  

I found it difficult to set my clear goals, define the single steps, and come to action.  

In the Mastermind class, we talked about these points, in a group of same-minded people, and we could fix these issues.  

I learned how to focus on the essential parts, to set clear goals, and define the single steps to what.  

As a huge benefit, I found pulse with similar mindsets that became pro's on the way since then.  

We still have a strong connection with each other, and this is something I find really unusual, because normal Internet courses -- this connection doesn't stay longer than the course takes.  

Some information, some connection for a couple of weeks, and in the end, you lose this connection, and even contact.  

In the Mastermind class of Mark's, I found it different. And if you are really willing to stand up and take action; take a responsibility for your life and your business, then you should take part in this class.  

It will help you grow your confidence, and get your things done.  

I hope this little review did help you to make your decision.  

All the best for you, bye! 

My name is Clint, and I'm a member of the Quest Mastermind Group from 2016.  

I'm still in that group, and if you're watching this video, you're probably trying to decide if you want to join.  

I'll give you a few reasons why I am still in the group:  

Number 1: Male camaraderie.  

It's hard to find these days; you can get together with a group of guys, laugh, joke around, share ideas, critique each other, improve each other, and have that real positive male energy going on. It's hard to find, and to me, it's priceless.  

Number 2: You can take your hair-brained ideas, thoughts that you've had to improve your business or relationships, or job, and you can present them to the group; and people will critique those ideas and say, "well, that's good", and "that's not-so-good."  

A great example is, we have a guy in the group who wanted to improve his website. He brought us into the process we critiqued what we didn't like, and said what we did like about it. He ended up re-vamping the website, and within a couple of months, his sales went to the highest they've ever been -- That's also of great value.  

The 3rd reason: is that you get accountability.  

So, you're going to submit your goals for the year to the group leader. And, so you're going to be accountable for those goals; and we check in every quarter to see how you're doing. And you're going to feel the pressure of that; which is positive pressure.  

Goal accountability is one of the most important things you need to achieve your goals.  

So, I would highly recommend joining Quest Mastermind; you're going to have fun, it's gonna be challenging, you're going to be with a great group of guys, you're going to share ideas, you're going to improve your business, improve your relationships, improve your job, improve your life.  

Go ahead and give it a shot!

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